Wanna taste the typical currie…

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Wanna taste the typical curries in a different authentic way? Try our banana leaf wrapped Rice N Curry pack today 😉

■ Kesel kole bath

– Curries for tonight;

Tempered potato
Mango Curry
Dhal curry
Pol sambal
Boiled egg
Fried fish

– Pick your protein; One from below
Chicken Curry
Devilled chicken
Roasted Chicken
Fish Curry

■ Roast paan packs / sold separate too $2.50 ea

■ Noodles

■ Hoppers with lunumiris

**After 5.30 pm**

*Fried rice
*Kottu roti
*String hopper kottu

Give us a ring on 0452 403 600 to reserve your dinner 😉

Have good one!

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