Tragic day! It was 11:45 pm a…

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Tragic day!

It was 11:45 pm and I was working as a gaming attendant in a pub.

I was really excited because I knew I would be home in 30 minutes.

Then I herd a big bang!

Someone was breaking into the room, wearing a scary costume and holding a baseball bat in his hand.

He bashed my arm with his baseball bat and commanded me to put all the money in the bag.

I was shocked and did not follow his instructions, which got him angry and made him threatening me with a knife, pointing on my chest.

I gave all the money and he ran away.

Afterwards I was going through the lowest point in my life.

I lost my income, because I couldn’t work night shifts anymore.

I had nightmares.

My hearth and relationships were on the line.

I realised that I was doing a job I didn’t like, but did it to pay my bills.

I realised that I have been in a comfort zone for a decade.

I realised If I keep doing this job for the next 10 years, I will never live my dreams.

What about you?

Ask yourself this question:
If you keep doing what you are doing right now – will you live your dreams in 10 years from now?

I understood that I have to start my own business to live my dreams.

I quit my job and me and my wife started a family cake business.

We spent lot of money on photography, fancy fridge and website.

It was a total failure because we did not have the right mindset to succeed.

I needed help and I met my world class mentor. That’s how I got this 12 step formula to start my dream coaching business.

Now I do what I love doing.

Work don’t feel like work, and I spend lot of time with my family.

I am getting out of my comfort zone every single day and as a result I grow as a person.

Sometimes bad things happens FOR you and not TO you.

Do you want to start your dream business and live your dreams?

If the answer is yes, don’t wait until something tragic happens in your life to start your dream business – you can start today!

Jump on board and attend my live event.

I am doing a free workshop next Monday on the 21st.
Where I will to share the exact formula you need to start your dream business without failures.

This will help you to live your dreams.

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