Tired with home cooking in thi…

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Tired with home cooking in this cold weather? ā›…
Plan your Sunday lunch out with us šŸ¤—

Lunch menu šŸ½ļø

Select your favourite rice from šŸš
White rice or yellow rice

Add on your favourite meat option… šŸ–
Devilled Chicken
Chicken Curry
Lamb Curry
Beef Curry
Cuttle Fish
Fish Curry
Roast Chicken

Taste it with… šŸ›
Dhal Curry
Eggplant and Chickpea
Cashew tempered
Boiled egg
And Papadam…

Dessert šŸØ
cream caramel or Ada

Going for a drive? šŸš˜
Our snacks are ready to go but more on the way

šŸ“ž Call us 0452 403 600
šŸ›’ See you at 2/437, Magill Rd,St Morris

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