Sri Lanka is in the midst of a…

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Sri Lanka is in the midst of an unprecedented crisis, the likes of which the country has never faced before. The situation has become so dire that children are struggling to find access to lifesaving antibiotics, diabetes patients are running out of insulin, and cancer patients are without essential chemotherapy drugs.

This is why we, a group of Sri Lankans from different corners of the world, banded together to form #Arogya, a GoFundMe campaign, with the hope of alleviating the suffering of those without access to life-saving treatment through YOUR GENEROSITY. For #Arogya to succeed, we need you, not only as a donor, but also as an advocate and a partner of #Arogya.

Please donate what you can, and even if you are not in a position to donate, please help the cause by spreading the word. All donations made are tax deductible in the US, as donations will be received by Hospital Services Support Foundation (HSSF), a 501-c-3 non-profit organization in the U.S.

Please also join our facebook page so we can update you on how your contribution is being utilized.

Our team includes:

Manjula Dissanayake Shaví Fernando Aruni Wijayakoon Ridmi Coomasaru Madhu Ching Amanda Holmes H Nidos Wijesuriya Dilshan Godaliyadda

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