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SLESA has organized a coding workshop for kids on Saturday 26th of August 2023, from 2pm to 5pm at Mawson center (MC1-3). This is the second time SLESA is organizing this interesting workshop after holding a successful session last year. The workshop will enable kids aging from 8-12 years to enhance their programming skills and will help to:

– Promote Logical & Critical Thinking

– Promote Focus & Creativity

– Encourage Confidence & Resilience

More details about the SLESA coding workshops as below:

– This is a free workshop run by our own members and no fees will be charged. However, If required, you can purchase the Uni R3 Controller and LED kit used in the workshop for $30 at the end of the session. (EFTPOS payments are accepted on the day).

– Each kid needs to bring his/her own laptop for the workshop.

Limited number of seats are available (Maximum 20), so please hurry up and register your kids for the workshop via SLESA website ([]([0]=AT2r5feElvLx87YDMB_ziWemkwtSFjaiX_5Aux6sSqGwPRA1EKtgMt-Mg21SDeJgiygbiCiXVFN6AOADBBNO0ZcLZQF3jWgzZghAd7zBQolkCrPIi3dThx4y5XApKgTzy_vF2_n-oF3XSd5yE5xKB4zwjqG-DA)).

The content of this session is mostly similar to last year’s workshop. However, last year attendees are also welcome if you would like to refresh your knowledge. Previous attendees please contact Tidasa on 0450359921 to sign up. Please don’t use the RSVP link above as it is only for NEW registrations. Also please bring the hardware kit provided in the last year session and make sure it is in a workable state.

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