# SLESA Awards! To be awarded…

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# SLESA Awards!

To be awarded at the Engineers night on 30 July 2022.

The SLESA is proud to announce its Award Scheme specially designed to inspire our engineering community in South Australia.

If you are an engineer or engineering student from one of the three South Australian universities interested in applying, visit [https://slesa.org.au/awards/](https://slesa.org.au/awards/) and make your application before 15 June 2022. We have four categories (retired, middle career, early career, and student categories) to cover four stages of the engineering career.

· [SLESA Honorary Engineer ( SLESA-HE) – The number of awardees will vary each year](https://slesa.org.au/awards/#honorary-engineer-award)

· [SLESA Inspiring Engineer (SLESA-IE)](https://slesa.org.au/awards/#inspiring-engineer-award)

· [SLESA Emerging Engineer (SLESA-EE)](https://slesa.org.au/awards/#emerging-engineer-award)

· S[LESA Engineering Research and Innovation Project (SLESA-ERIP)](https://slesa.org.au/awards/#outstanding-research-award)

The applications will be assessed by a non-SLESA independent panel consisting of representatives from Engineers Australia (EA), the Institute of Engineers Sri Lanka (IESL), an academic institution and an Engineering consulting organisation. The winner of each category will receive a plaque and an attractive gift, and the winner of the students’ research and innovation project will receive a $500 cash prize.


**1. If you are not a SLESA member, you may need to complete a membership form and get a reference number for your application.**

**2. Confidentiality of your information is protected. Only the winner is announced**

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