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Last couple of months I have noticed increase of job searching within this group. Hence, I thought to share my ideas/experience if it helps. Please keep in mind this is my personal thoughts/experience only.

Searching an odd/casual job

Most of students require this type of jobs to earn day to day expenses until they complete their diploma/degree. Most of them have hourly pay. If anyone searches this kind of job always,

· Prepare a very simple resume that matches the job description. Try to avoid entering too much of your professional qualifications. Always mention that you are hardworking, have a reliable transport & quick learner. Little bit of lie that you had similar type of experience previously. If you are smart you can quickly learn (e.g: Process worker, Cleaner, Cashiers etc.).

· Try to find a job that has good pay rate & penalty rates (e.g: Coles, Woolworths, Ingham etc.)

· Search through career web sites, Specific labour hire agencies, networking. Also search through in person visiting any places close to your area.

· If employer needs you to work as sub-contractor (under ABN) make sure you have relevant insurances prior commencing the work. Never operate anything if you don’t have relevant competencies. Employer won’t cover you if you have to face any accident/incident & huge fines if you found operating any machinery without relevant competencies. Your safety is very important.

· Keep a copy of your employment agreement & know your rights.

· Don’t hesitate to make a formal complaint if you face any harassment, bulling etc in the workplace. There are lot of free legal help available.

Searching a Professional job

· Prepare a quality resume that brief your professional experience, skills & qualifications. Limit to maximum 2 to 3 pages. Resume is very important to shortlist for an interview.

· Try to obtain more qualifications relevant to your field while searching an employment. There are several government organizations offer free short courses for PR/work visa holders.

· Try to find a job via networking (very important & more possibility) : LinkedIn profile & formal communication, Join professional groups & formal communication.

· Always try to apply the available vacancies via company website rather than job agencies.

· Try to gain local experience if voluntary works available.

Always think outside the box & never discourage & keep trying even if you can’t find a suitable job first instance.

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