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“Hope for Breath” Project.
14 months have elapsed.
Pandemic has eased.
Sri Lankan economy has collapsed
President of the country has escaped.A so called new government is running the country with old tactics.

There were time with no petroleum,No heavy vehicle to find on the road,no electrical item to find on stores. No cement or steel or labour available.

Despite all odds the project went on with a few courageous souls in Adelaide and in Sri Lanka.

Machine was shipped to Sri Lanka and custom released. Transported to National Hospital Kandy.
A new plant room was build and housed the 4.5 tone machine within it.

Two overseas engineers were brought in to Kandy on last Friday.They started to work on to start up the machine with Sri Lankan collaborators.
Machine commissioned successfully and all equipments of the machine started to fill much needed medical oxygen cylinders.

Internet facility for remote monitoring facility is on and donated by kind donor from Adelaide.A CCTV camera system is to be installed for security of the machine and premises.

Four staff personnel from the Kandy hospital are getting trained to run the machine.
Chief pharmacist is overseeing the output of oxygen cylinders and distribution accordingly.
All set to get the maximum benefit of the medical oxygen generator to Sri Lankan patients of all sorts who need oxygen as a treatment.
This on-site production of medial oxygen saves millions of rupees to the hospital and to the Sri Lankan economy.

This project was a great initiative of Adelaide Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara Crafers and many other Sri Lankan organisations in Adelaide.
There were so many individual donors donated this project and we were able to collect nearly 100,000 AUD.
Without your contribution this mega project wouldn’t be a success.

Not a single dollor is given to any individual or organisation either in Sri Lanka as a commission or ransom.
No one was given any”පගාව”. No support seek from any of the politicians in Sri Lanka.All expenditure will be accounted and presented in an upcoming AGM of ASBV.

Undoubtedly it was a nightmare to handle this kind of novel mega project remotely with a corrupted country,corrupted officials and corrupted system.
Lessons learnt are enormous.
No wonder why none of the reputed global companies are not investing in Sri Lanka.

But eventually the mission accomplished with the support of all involved.
Check the video as the machine running. It is a good to watch. All this is because of you.
Hats off to the Hope of Breath team in Adelaide and Sri Lanka.
Thank you for all the donors.
Thank you for everyone supported from receiving end in Sri Lanka and in rest of the world.

A soft opening will be organised in the near future with handing over step and will be aired for everyone to watch.

Project will be closed once every document and tasks are met.

Once again thank you so much for your support and thank you team “ Hope for Breath”.

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