Hi I’m Savini from Savini’s IE…

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Hi I’m Savini from Savini’s IELTS Classes ☺️
What did I learn from teaching 100+ students IELTS and PTE? Here are the top 5 things :

1. The different learning attitudes of students

Some students start IELTS or PTE with optimism and others need answers as to why they are not getting the required scores. If you are self studying you have to self-analyse and find out what your weak areas are or if you are attending a small group class your teacher should help you with it.

In either case if you need help in finding out your weak areas, please reach out to me at Savini’s IELTS classes and I will be happy to help.

IELTS official marking scheme https://ieltsjp.com/japan/about/about-ielts/ielts-band-scores/en-gb

PTE official marking scheme

2. Time management BEFORE the exams – While studying ⏳

I know that time management is a big issue for students who study full time or work full time.

Since IELTS and PTE is the first hurdle in your migration ✈️ journey you MUST make it a priority.

MY ADVICE: Analyse your daily routine for chunks of free time(no matter how small these time slots are!) and be prepared to make maximum use of these time slots as they open up. Have your stationary and other study materials ready and if you are at homemake sure your study space is cleared and ready.

3. Doing past papers or sample questions 📝 in databases is NOT enough.

When starting out most students think that doing questions is enough but this is not the case.

Think of the foundational skills like fluency, grammar and vocabulary and focus on them. Consistency of practice in ALL these skills matter.

4. Learn to unlearn things

Language learning needs to be INTENTIONAL and REFLECTIVE.

We cannot keep using the same methods of learning if they are no longer working for us. You need to know who you are as a learner BEFORE you start learning. I can assure you most students don’t do this.

5. Finally, think of interactive ways of learning English.

Humans need new, innovative and interactive ways of learning languages for them to remember and open up their minds to learning new vocabulary. I always recommend my students to gamify their learning experience by using vocabulary flash card apps for example. Reach out for these methods and find out what works for you.

Remember, your brain needs to know you enjoy learning IELTS or PTE !

It’s a lifelong learning process ☺️

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