Hey guys, Hope everyone is ha…

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Hey guys,

Hope everyone is having a great week so far, and getting ready for an amazing weekend 😊

Today we experimented a new topping on our creamy chocolate cake with some delicious berries.
It was for one of our best friend’s birthday.It came up so good. When you have fresh berries on top of the cake it looks so good and berries are yummy. If you google health benefits of berries you will come up with bunch of reasons why you should eat berries.

We learned a lesson today!!!!

It’s a great idea to do experiments!!! You might fail 9 times, but you will come up with great results on your 10th experiment and it will help you to add more value to your customers.

Don’t be afraid to do experiments in any areas of your life failures are only learning opportunities. Once you fail you learn to not make the same mistake again.
For example my wife failed many times when she was creating this delicious creamy chocolate cake, but she never gave up until it came up to a good selling standard. And she is committed to raise the standards all the time.
✅ Finally we got our website done and ready to go!!!!
I know it’s not perfect. So many things to be improved, but if we wait for it to be perfect, we will never go online. We are committed to improve our website 👌

You are more than welcome to give us a feedback about it, please inbox your ideas.

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Have a wonderful weekend ❤️

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