Hey everyone, I am so gratefu…

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Hey everyone,

I am so grateful to share the business that we have just started in Adelaide, with this amazing Sri Lankan community living in South Australia.
Our vision of the business is to help the world eat healthy food and be more environmentally friendly.
But when you hear about cakes it doesn’t sound very healthy!!!! right?
Straight away our minds say that they’re full off sugars, which can cause tons of deceases.

If you are someone who cares about your health you might feel guilty after eating a piece of cake.
My children love eating cakes but we don’t like the idea, because we know most of the cakes are not really healthy for them.
When they cry for a piece of cake, we had to give those cakes since we love them so much.

During the COVID 19 I lost my job. We had so much of time to think. My wife is passionate about making delicious cakes. She used to make cakes in Norway 🇳🇴 but with full of those unhealthy ingredients.
Since I lost my job we thought we will start the same business here in Australia 🇦🇺
One night while we were having a conversation about starting a new cake business, we came up with this great question:

“Can we help people to eat cakes not feeling guilty? but to feel more happy and healthy?”

Then she started to develop these amazing cake recipes.

❤️they are unbelievably healthy because they made out of superfoods

❤️they are so Delicious, still feels like eating a normal cake

❤️we don’t feel so guilty after eating , or after giving it to our children.

This idea helped us to solve our problem. We thought it would help others too.

We have these 6 amazing products to start with:

Raspberry Dream, Mango Passon, Pistachio Love, Spiced Carrot cake, Milky chocolate, or Snickers inspired cake.

They’re all raw, vegan, refined sugar free and contains lots of nutritions that will help you to be more happy and healthy.

Check out our instagram, follow our page and like our Facebook page if you think it’s a cool concept.
We would be very thankful if you share with your friends and family as well.

Our website is on the way,
but if you want to make an order you can order through the fb page or instagram page 👇



Thank you so much for investing your time to read this content

Please tell us what you think❤️

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