Hello everyone, This is my f…

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Hello everyone,

This is my first post for this group.

I’m brand new to Adelaide and even to Australia, currently in the process of settling in. Recently, I noticed many people coming to new countries, including Australia, and posting colourful and beautiful photos on social media, showcasing different views and experiences.

However, I noticed fewer such images and sharings coming out after about a month or so. Curious, I reached out to some people I knew personally and asked them why. Most of them claimed they were busy (some of them were actually busy), but for most of them, upon further conversation, their real reasons emerged, and many expressed concerns about their decision. They are wondering if they did the correct thing. Some even suffer from homesickness, which can lead to depression.

Therefore, it’s crucial to talk to your relatives and friends about how you feel, especially students who are dealing with completely new study patterns, new jobs, new lifestyle, sometimes cultural shock, takeing responsibilities on their own, and making new friends.

Trust me on this, as someone who has been through this several times, it’s entirely normal. The key is to hang on and give it time. Eventually, you will adapt and start feeling comfortable. Until then, just hold on.

The figure below illustrates the situation, and please understand that you’re not alone in this. We all face similar challenges. (Image source: [https://www.live-work.immigration.govt.nz/live-in-new-zealand/tips-for-settling-in/stages-of-settling-in](https://www.live-work.immigration.govt.nzthe/))”

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