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Real joy comes from giving with no expectations.

When we give something to someone
With expectations back of your mind it often lead to disappointment.

Ask this quality question from yourself when you get a moment. But be honest.

Do I give things to others with expectations? Or do I give without expectations? And how do I feel when it don’t meet my expectations?

I asked this question from myself a few months ago and realised that I was expecting something every time I gave away something to someone.
I was so disappointed when it didn’t meet my expectations.

Since that quality conversation with myself, I started to give to people that I don’t even know.

Now I give one dollar a day with no expectations.

When I receive something from someone I really appreciate it.

Since I started to trade expectations to appreciation, it changed the whole idea of giving in my mind.

I discovered the real joy of giving.

I feel a lot more happier and richer when I give away.

My goal is to give away two dollars a day next year and increase the amount every year with no expectations.

Maybe you can not afford to give money away but there’s always a way to give.

If you look into your wardrobe – how many clothes have been hanging there for ages because ‘you might need them one day?’
You might want to sort them out and give what you no longer use away to someone. Afterwards, see how you feel.

I did this a year ago, and I realised that 90% of my clothes were clothes that just hang there waiting to be worn.
It felt so good to give them away to someone whose needed them more.

It’s a universal law called vacuum law.
Google it and you will find more information about it.

According to Karma what ever we put out to this universe comes back us.

If we do good things, good things will come back to you.

If we do bad things bad things will come back to you.

If you Give to others and others will give to you.
It may not be the same person, but someone that you never thought of, will give back to you.

If you need love go out there and love unconditionally.

If you need smiles go out there and smile, they will smile back to you

If you need friends go out there and be friendly, they will be your friends.

We started a healthy cake business recently and the purpose of the business is to make an impact while making money.

More money means that we can give more.

We thought of creating a product that people can give away to others.

We hope that every product we sell will make an impact to someone.

On the other hand the more money we make the more we can give away to make an impact.

Do you want to surprise someone this weekend?

Just imagine you are receiving a gift for no reason.

How happy would you be?

It is much more different to receive a birthday gift, because birthday gifts are more predictable.

We have the cutest thing if you want to make someone’s day a little better.

🔥This box is filled with ALL our cakes. Give them away and you’ll nourish your friend with healthy ingredients. It’s a perfect way to find your favourite flavour.

🔥 We can write a meaningful note for them. Sometimes a great note could mean a lot to someone.

🔥 We will add fresh flowers on the box to add more excitement to your gift, and we can help you to deliver to their doorstep.

They are ready for pick up or delivery from tomorrow. We only have a limited stock.

Click on the link below to order your gift before it’s too late.


Have a great week ♥️

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