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*Dear all potential donors to an SOS from Sri Lanka*

The College of Paediatrics council met on Friday and the Crisis mangement team met tonight and came to the following observations and decision’s.
1. There is no rush to send relief supplies in the next 24 hours!….? The panic is because of the shortage and projected shortages in the next few weeks.
2. The ministry has released 5 million $ out of 13 million requested for immediate purchase
3. The College decided to release 1.5 million in the fund for immediate local purchase of drugs and consumables.
4. The College has already distributed a Google form to all paediatricians around the country and we are in the process of getting a feedback.
By tomorrow we will have a list of all the absolutely essential 20 drugs in a priority order, the amount/ cost required and the supplier. The same would be done for consumables.
5. All potential donors are requested to a). Not to send containers/ parcels by sea since clearence from NMRA and customs would caise delays. b). Not to donate to individuals but to colleges especially money. C). By sending money would result in it being converted into Rs and not useable for imports.
6. To collect the money in the focal point account in forex and release when needed.
7. Small quantitites of consumeables may be sent through the diplomatic bag. But it would be minute!
8. Once the essential lists are completed and quotations received, we will let the relavant organization to purchase directly from the company and be to be delivered consignee yo receive it.
It is hoped to get only for 3 months to be repeated 3 monthly
8 we need to network the different groups to prevnt duplication.

Harendra de Silva

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