Easter Day Specials at [Cafe A…

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Easter Day Specials at [Cafe Anthony](https://www.facebook.com/CafeAnthony.com.au?__cft__[0]=AZVmUeSo1ihy4QFOX2AhKN_AXYnCn0qOZktBScJZfyzk1WIep_k874gmByzVryjIeEW4Ch08vCsizU0ikhNEmhsr7sPlFw-PuZtFDzGNztKHWLb-jioTd5ymhyDEYfe1Y9qEfJj5oTQSD78Ykv8VvkasweVhk0_V2iU_5oNWkbcgQgtCmECm4uQksj1AFVi63pA&__tn__=-]K-R)

Arugam Bay Bite Platter

Share pack for 4 people

Just for $ 90/-

Pack includes

• Fried Barramundi

• Chicken Kottu

• 4 Roasted Chicken (Maryland pcs)

• Chips and Nuggets

• Pork Sausages

• Steamed Veg

Call us on 0452 403 600 to reserve yours!

Visit us at: 437 Magill Road, St Morris, SA 5068

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