Dinner special tonight ■ Mixe…

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Dinner special tonight
■ Mixed Noodles
■ Mixed seafood Kottu
■ Mixed seafood Rice
■ Egg Fried rice with your fav meat
■ String hopper kottu
■Pittu Kottu

Rice & curry
Beans Curry
Cassava Tempered
Dhal currry
Mackerel Tempered
Coconut sambal

Available meat options
♡ Roast chicken
♡ Lamb Curry
♡ Beef curry
♡Curry Chicken
♡Devilled chicken

■String hoppers served with kirihodi and coconut sambal
■ Dosa served with Sambar and chutney

Parata and egg roti

String hopper Biriyani

After 5:30 pm

Fried rice
Nasi Goreng

Call us now on 0452 403 600
Or visit us 437 Magill Rd, St Morris SA

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