Dear friends, It is quite sad…

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Dear friends,

It is quite sad to see and hear the current situation in Sri Lanka. So many vulnerable people in Sri Lanka are gravely suffering at the moment.
The current situation is purely an economic catastrophe occured as a result of inefficient maladministration and choosing unsustainable policies to govern the country by successive governments since independence.

Lately, the already vulnerable economy has gone worse due to pandemic situation and lack of vision on current leadership of the country.

Unfortunately even without a pandemic this was an inevitable.

Corruption in leadership, inefficiency in govt sector, Excessive welfare services, exorbitant expenditure on unsustainable projects,foriegn and local debts,Napotism, Cultural and religious believes, lack of harmony between ethnic groups,Over population, Lack of law & Order, lack of accountability and many more have lead to this disastrous situation.

Unfortunately there are no shortcuts available to overcome this grave economic situation of the country other than working hard following suitable and sustainable policies with a leadership who has a broad vision to rule the country.

Praying to save sri lanka alone won’t help this time and only option available is to follow sustainable policies delivered by an uncorrupted leader who is self examplary.

Undoubtedly,It will take decades to get the country in to the correct track.

Nothing that I can say otherthan wishing for a safe Sri Lanka for all at this darkest hour of the country.

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