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Dear Friends,
If any of you are intending to apply for Australian citizenship,some slight changes have introduced by the ministry of home affairs.
Please read the instructions given below.

To ensure fastest possible processing of your citizenship application you should attach all identity documents you have to your application before lodgement.
– If you are unable to provide certain documents you should provide a statutory declaration outlining why you can’t provide them and what steps you have undertaken to try and obtain them.
– Applicants, especially those with limited identity documents, should complete Form 80 and attach to their application before lodgement. Applicants should ensure they fully complete all sections of this form to avoid application processing delays.
– On 17 November the Australian citizenship test changed to include five questions on the Australian Values. All clients sitting the test must get these five questions correct or they will fail the test. Even if they get only one of these questions wrong, but everything else right, they will still fail the test.
– Clients will be offered multiple chances to sit the test if they fail.
– We strongly recommend clients study the Our Common Bond booklet prior to their test appointment. Client who do not read this booklet usually fail the test. Our Common Bond is available in a number of languages via this link It is also available to listen to in English

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