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“Australia Day” vs “Independence Day”

Every year since 1946, on January 26th the Australia Day is being celebrated by Australians.
In 1988, all states in Australia declared January 26th as a public holiday.

The first “Australia Day” was actually held on July 30, 1915, to raise funds for the World War I effort.

January 26 commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet. Specifically it was the day commander Captain Arthur Phillip, rowed ashore at Sydney Cove, raised the Union Jack and proclaimed British sovereignty over part of the continent in 1788.
It was initially celebrated only in NSW.

Celebrating Australia Day on 26th of January is a hot debatable topic among some individuals and groups in Australia claiming that it is in fact “ Invasion Day”.

Whatever would be the date, Australia Day allows all people in Australia to celebrate their culture while prospering within the common Australian values.
In 1973 Australia turned from White Australia policy to multiculturalism.
Since then Almost all the nations in the world are living in this massive continent in harmony.

Every year Australia Day is celebrated by all the cultures and communities in multiple ways.
Federal government declares the Australian of the year in Canberra.

Taryn Brumfitt, A body image activist from Adelaide based organisation selected as the Australian of year 2023.
Considering her service rendered to the society by working on body image related issues.
Australia and world wide kids and adults are bullied and discriminated due to their skin colour and body habitus. Taryn worked tirelessly in promoting concept of positive body image worldwide.
Her work done to the society has recognised by government level by nominating and selecting as the Australian of the year.

Sri Lanka is soon to celebrate Independence Day on 4th of February.
The National celebration in Sri lanka habitually happens in Galle face grounds in Colombo with guard of honours by tri forces to President of Sri Lanka.
Never heard that Sri Lanka is recognising a Sri Lankan of the year on the Independence Day.
Never seen that promoting multiculturalism in Sri Lanka on this day despite Sri Lanka itself is a multicultural country.
Never heard people and organisations who work tirelessly to promote and betterment of Sri Lanka is being recognised or appreciated by government level.
On the other hand many organisations in SL recognising their people on their own.

I personally believe that Sri Lanka has long way to go and has lot to learn from Australia to prosper multiculturalism in the society.

In the contemporary global village environment, narrow minded nationalistic ideologies are not favoured and not economically conducive to Sri Lanka.
In order to come out from this deadly economic catastrophe in Sri Lanka, All politicians in Sri Lanka should promote harmonious living with all sectors of the social fabric promoting basic human qualities.
That itself would enhance the image of Sri Lanka from the current level of despair.

Happy Australia Day to everyone.

Sarath Senadeera

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