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Any Sri Lankan in SA willing to assist below worthy project in SL coordinated by team Sathkara – සත්කාර please do so. I personally recommended them, details of the project is below….

Book Donation Project 2024: Empowering Education for Every Child

Access to education is a beacon of hope for a brighter future. Yet, for many children facing extreme poverty, this hope fades amidst the challenges they encounter. As the new school year approaches, while some children eagerly anticipate Back to School shopping for the latest books and trendy stationery, there exists another group of children who dread returning to school in shoes they’ve outgrown and outdated books from years past.

At Sathkara Team, we strive to ignite the same excitement and motivation in these children that others take for granted. Our aim is to provide an equal chance for a fresh start and a new year of learning.

We invite you to support our Book donation 2024 project, where your donations will sponsor Back To School packs valued at Rs 4000 each. These packs, inclusive of stationery, books, will directly benefit a child in need.

Your contribution to this initiative isn’t just about material aid; it’s about inspiring smiles on these young faces and leaving a lasting legacy in shaping the future leaders of our society.

To learn more or contribute:

Contact us at: +94 772 311 494

With every rupee you donate, you’ll be part of a movement that nurtures these children’s aspirations, paving the way for a brighter tomorrow.

Thank you for joining us in making education a reality for every child…

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