Wednesday Dinner specials at C…

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Wednesday Dinner specials at Cafe Anthony!! 😉

📌Rice n Curry
White rice
☆Meat options
Chicken Curry,
Devilled chicken
Lamb Curry
Beef currry
Roast Chicken

☆ Vege options
Dhal curry
Mushroom Tempered
Tempered potato

Served Boiled egg

String hoppers packs with Kirihodi and coconut Sambal

● Egg Fried rice with devilled chicken
● Mixed Fried rice
●Fried rice
●Nasi Goreng
●Kottu roti

Call 0452 403 600 to reserve your dinner
You can order through uber eats, Menulog or door dash apps if you feel a bit lazy for a walk outside 😉

Have a good evening everyone! <

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