Most of us love to eat cakes �…

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Most of us love to eat cakes 🍰 🍰🍰

But as much as we enjoy these treats we all know they are not so healthy. Between the refine sugar, the butter, and lack of nutrients, the only real benefit is their taste.
But what if we could eat more healthier cakes still retaining the taste?
One of the best solution is to eat Raw cakes.
These cakes don’t have processed ingredients .these ingredients which are more nutritious than those found in regular cakes.
Fruits,nuts,seeds and maple syrup are all Common ingredients in raw vegan cakes,providing more vitamins and minerals compared to backed cakes.unlike regular deserts they won’t be full of empty calories.

The Vision of our business idea is to create sweet moments in your everyday life without feeling guilty ❤️

We have created this amazing Snickers inspired raw cake with chocolate and peanut flavours.


PEANUTS, coconut flour, organic raw cacao, dates, BUCKWHEAT FLOUR, organic cacao nibs, ORGANIC PEANUT BUTTER, organic coconut oil, organic coconut cream, pure maple syrup, organic coconut sugar, Maldon

Check out our Facebook page and instagram page to find out more information about our cakes.
Our cakes comes with beautiful flowers on the top of the packaging.

Have a great week

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