IT’S TONIGHT! 🥳 We’re gettin…

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We’re getting ready behind the scenes for all you party people tonight!

– [RUSH DJS]([0]=AZUgHa8IIIRaifdSYne7MiusDc2WHC4MGoCu1JNB_rs54cUjDcXkHVUCumnFC5gHS-7GgNnKAcq1roQyd7KJErI3c0bG2VeFT3_OFn8QDWNp2YLrTngKKXDbRkkBg25-Owq7exm3DlLm16xC8QvugXzy&__tn__=-]K-R) ✅

– Games ✅

– [LUNUU]([0]=AZUgHa8IIIRaifdSYne7MiusDc2WHC4MGoCu1JNB_rs54cUjDcXkHVUCumnFC5gHS-7GgNnKAcq1roQyd7KJErI3c0bG2VeFT3_OFn8QDWNp2YLrTngKKXDbRkkBg25-Owq7exm3DlLm16xC8QvugXzy&__tn__=kK-R) ✅

– Bar stocked ✅x2🤪

For those of you that have bought your tickets early, THANK YOU! We’re excited to see a big turn out tonight for a good boogie! 🕺

For those that have “forgotten” to buy your tickets – we have a handful of tickets available online now or at the door (IF THEY LAST TILL THEN!) First come, first serve!

See you tonight!

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