How did I get IELTS 8.5 overal…

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How did I get IELTS 8.5 overall on my first attempt?
I followed 5 simple steps:

1. Find out your current English level – please follow the mock exam link below

IELTS official marking scheme
PTE official marking scheme

2. If your current English level is not up to the standard then you can register with a class.
Advice: choose a class where you can get the personalised support you need…

3. Find chunks of time in your daily routine where you can practise consistently. Make your own study area, gather stationeries that you need and get started, even in the smallest way.

4. Gather additional reading/listening materials- movies, podcasts, journal articles and so on.

5. Finally, make sure you are consistently getting the same marks which are in your required range and if not, self-analyse why you are not getting these marks, in which area.
If you do not know how to self-analyse please contact me on via the below information.

Contact me on:
+61410 992 122
[email protected]
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