🔥✨ Toddy Night at Belmondo Re…

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🔥✨ Toddy Night at Belmondo Restaurant is officially SOLD OUT! ✨🔥

Wow, what an incredible response! We’re all booked up for our special Toddy Night on February 25th! 🍶🎶

A big THANK YOU to everyone who reserved their spot for a night of delicious cassava dishes, our signature toddy pot, and exclusive discounts. We can’t wait to share the evening with you, accompanied by the sounds of complimentary music for the perfect ambiance. 🎉

Didn’t snag a spot? Don’t worry! Join us next time by staying tuned to our page for more events and special nights that you won’t want to miss at Belmondo Restaurant. 🌟

For those who secured a reservation, prepare for a night of tantalizing flavors and vibrant culture. We’re excited to make your experience memorable!

📍 1048 Grand Junction Road, Holden Hill, SA 5088

📞 Contact Apsara: 0484 040 193

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