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Hi my son will be turning 5 once we arrive in adelaide. have no idea about schools and the education system there. can someone pls give me some insight to this and recommended schools or areas pls. TIA
Magill primary school recognized as a good primary school in Adelaide. It might be easy to enter if live in the suburb. My son goes to St.Francis of Assisi, Newton, private school. I recommend to anyone as a good school. If u come as a PR much cheaper government schools otherwise no difference.
Thank you very much. We are unsure of the areas to look for houses as well. obviously the school should be round the area right? abit clueless and Google doesn’t help much. will look at the 2 options you gave.
It has been a while since I went to primary school, but I do believe all Government schools do have zones in which they accept students. Magill primary is a good school, but there’s also Stradbroke primary, East Torrens primary which are all good too. I would also recommend north Adelaide primary school because it’s the one I went to :). The DECD website might also be worth having a look at to find zoning details
It depends on which Visa are you going to come and which area are you going to live. most of recorded good school located on Eastern suburb and close to the city.
These two websites will give you some idea. My school website is the best one and any schools above 1000 for ICSEA value are best school. If you going to enroll your child in government school you should give one year rent agreement and you must not change live area while your child attending to zone school. some government school are doing waiting list. who put name first in the list give chances. As I heard, if your child born after July of year he has to go next year school term. I hope this info will help you.
Please go through following link which ranked best primary schools in and around Adelaide. Both public and private schools are listed…You have to live in school zone for enrolling for public schools.

Thanks alot for all the help 🙂
I am unconventional in character. It seems you are first timers. i had a thought to write a few words. I came to Adelaide with my five year old. My choice was the closest school whatever it was did not matter. my boy is still in Primary. That is not a very popular one. My boy is going to tell that his school is the best school in the world at his graduation ceremony in Dec this year. He was always chosen. He won a scholarship to complete grade 8 and 9 in in one year and the opportunity to study next three years with the best peer group which is gifted and talented . Without his teachers he would never be the one he is today. I am so proud, I chose the right kid- so school does not matter…buy or rent any house you like, always there is a school close by..why this big struggle???

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