Group wall post by Sarath Senadeera #Adelaide #SriLankan 26/08/2017

Dear friends,
Last few weeks and last few tickets are available for the immensly entertaining sing along and dance with Annesley Malewana show.
This event is full of surprises and novelties to keep you in your toes right through out the night.
Call and reserve your tickets from following SLASA office bearers.
Nayan Perera
Rasika Jayasekera
Mihiri Perera
Krishsnthi Premachandra
Indra Lekha
Dimuthu Samaranayaka
Madhu Chandratillake.
In addition a few tickets are available at CJ spices and Anthony caters.
Keep the 23rd of September free to indulge in charismatic dance and singing of your choice.
The event is family friendly and suitable for all ages.

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