Group wall post by Sarath Senadeera #Adelaide #SriLankan 01/09/2017

I am ceratain that someone of you may have had a chance to be in this place as a patient,visitor or for work in your life time.
But in almost 4 days time this magnificent service complex is retiring from service to the mankind.
This is not the first time of my life had an experience of packing up things and moving to a new place but felt a heavy heart today when finish the days work.
As all other things around us,you too temporary.Time has come to be apart.

You have healed many,
you have seen people smiling,
You have seen rivers of tears,
You have seen people leaving names behind.

Although you are lifeless Have given life to many.
In 4 days time you too leaving the name behind.
Royal Adelaide Hospital.
Let you leave peacefully.

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