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Tasty Indian and SriLankan homemade food

Now you can enjoy homemade food for a reasonable price .The freshly prepared food will be delivered directly to your doorsteps with conditions for a cheaper price or you can pick up from Croydon Park SA.

No minimum order

We would appreciate if you can place the orders at least 5 hours before to avoid last minute disappointments.

For Order Please sms on 0406675016

Our service is available all 7 days


Plain Basmathi rice – $3
Yellow rice – $5
Pol Roti – $3
String hoppers – 10 pack for $4
Parata – $2

Chicken/beef/pork/lamb/seafood Fried rice – $10,$11,$11,$11,$12

Chicken/beef/pork/lamb/seafood Biriyani – $10,$11,$11,$11,$12

Chicken/beef/pork/lamb/seafoood kottu – $10,$11,$11,$11,$12

Chicken/beef/pork/lamb/seafood fried noodles – $10,$11,$11,$11,$12

Fried chickpeas – $8

Any style as requested ( Curry, Fried, stew, baked)

Chicken Curry – $10

Beef Curry – $12

Pork Curry – $12

Lamb Curry – $12

Egg curry – $10

Prawn curry -$15

Fish curry – $14

Any style and kind of vegetable curry

For $8
Spicy Potato curry or Potato stir fried
Spinach and Lentils curry
Eggplant curry
Beet root curry
Okara Curry
Green beans curry
Pumpkin curry
Chickpea Curry
Cauliflower curry
Green banana curry

Any type of Cake(chocolate, butter), biscuit pudding, Caramel Pudding, Watalappan, Rice pudding,bread pudding and fresh fruit salad with yogurt for $ 3 per serving.

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