Group wall post by Ishara De Silva #Adelaide #SriLankan 24/08/2017

I thought I should let you all know what happened to me at the immigration so you will not have to go through the same. We had to go to Sri Lanka last Feb and we bought about Rs.15000 worth of goods from Keells Super to bring back with us. We bought them about a day or two before the departure so it was not old stock. When we arrived at the airport, the quarantine checked our baggages and found hundreds of tobacco beetles all over one of the bagagges. The officer looked for the source and found this soya bean pack made by Delmage. Everything was sent for fumigation and it cost me $100. Its not about the money but the quarantine supervisor was asking the officer whether he thinks that this was done intentionally. Luckily he said they didn’t know about it until I showed them. We had to wait there for soooo long and that was the last thing we wanted as we were returning after the brother in laws funeral.
I got the stuff back after fumigation but was advised that it is not 100% safe to eat them and it is our choice. We wouldn’t take the risk and had to throw Rs15000 worth of goods. Had some canned food there too but they were rusty so had to throw them too.
My mum had informed Keells and they visited her immediately with a fruit basket and some of the fruits have had worms inside them. We requested a reimbursement of our costs and Keells Super DOES NOT take responsibility for their goods and have been passing it on to Delmage. Delmage was asking for the details of the pack and I have provided them to them.
After 7 months of passing the ball and numerous phone calls, Delmage called me two weeks ago and promised that they will transfer the funds of Rs.50000 by the end of last week. Today is Wednesday and I just received an email saying that they are only reimbursing the $100 I paid and Rs.2000 for the soya pack. We are not money hungry and this is all about keeping the word, taking responsibility and making sure that this will not happen again. For us, Delmage and Keells are really irresponsible and will think twice when purchasing food from them.
Many of you might be carrying food when travelling and I advice you to be extra careful when purchasing at Keells as they do not take the responsibility at all and all of you know how many incidents were on News/Facebook about their irresponsible food handling.
We did not get fined as it was our first time and specially because the officer was kind enough to express his thoughts saying that we didn’t know.
Please pass this and help fellow Sri Lankans to raise awareness so they will know to be careful at the boarders.

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