Beautiful Wisdom

Dear All, Ananda College Adelaide wing along with Adelaide Buddhist vihara kindly invite you to attend a series of Dhamma deshana delivered by Venerable Boralasgamuwe Pannasobana Thero from 30th September to 2nd October at Buddhist Viahara in Crafers.
“Addressed affectionately as ‘Bhante P’, Venerable Paññāsobhana share his vast and comprehensive knowledge in Buddhism allowing people to engage in Buddhist practices from a non- cultural ,non-sectarian point of view and access the most profound teachings of Sutra and Abhidhamma as taught in the Theravada School of Buddhism. Respected for his pure morality, profound scholarship, meditative skills and deep unwavering compassion, he has dedicated his life as a Buddhist Monk to ease the suffering of sentient beings through tireless humanitarian work engaging in religious tolerance, social harmony and environmental protection –”
Program Schedule
30/9 – Friday 7:00pm – Dhamma deshana
1/10 – Saturday 8:30am to 5pm – Special meditation program – Daana oraganised by ACAW
2/10 – Sunday 4pm to 5pm – Special deshana targeting children in English (Athelstone P School)

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